Control Cabinet

  • wire cut EDM control cabinet SF-ZG20
wire cut EDM control cabinet SF-ZG20

wire cut EDM control cabinet SF-ZG20

  • control cabinet SF-ZG20
  • SF-ZG20
  • wire cut EDM
  • control cabinet
  • Product description: wire cut EDM control cabinet SF-ZG20

1.High efficiency. For the thickness 60-200mm can reach the speed of 100-120mm2/min.

2.High currency. 4.5 A currency can work for a long time.

3.Extremly low consume of molybdenum wire. Consume 100000-120000 mm2 molybdenum wires under the currency of 4.5A.

4.Low capacity. The total capacity of the control panel is only 900W.

5.Great thickness. The maximum thickness of the unit can be more than 1.2 meter.

6.Completely integrated. The whole control panel ist integrated designed to reduce the failure rate and easy to be repaired.

 Guarantee  and after-sale service:

one year guarantee for whole machine except wearing parts

24 hours technical support by e-mail

calling or door-to-door service

ues-friendly english software,user manual and detailed videos/CD

If you're interested in our products, please feel free to contact with us and we would love to offer you our best price and smooth video could be supplied for evaluation.

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