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Single Cut EDM Machine DK7732

Single Cut EDM Machine

We provide you with new technology and optimization to make your machining process more precise, efficient, and easy to operate. One of the unique features of our product is the thickened casting, where we use HT250 castings and all castings are treated with tempering to reduce deformation and provide stable and accurate cutting process. Another noteworthy feature is the use of Northern Machinery ball screw and fully hardened steel rails, which ensure the machine's accuracy remains consistent and your machining results are more precise.

We use obstruction-free high-frequency technology to operate the machine efficiently and reduce energy consumption, which helps increase production efficiency while reducing costs. Our closed-loop system and high-precision grating ruler provide feedback that ensures the machine's accuracy is consistently stable, achieving a machining accuracy of ≤5um. The AutoCut control system makes the machine easy to use, with a low learning curve, allowing you to control the machining process more easily.

Our machine also features automatic sampling and can cut various materials without the need to repeatedly set high-frequency parameters. It is very easy to use, providing you with more convenience in your machining process. 

In summary, our high-end CNC cutting machine is your reliable assistant in the machining process, providing you with a precise, efficient, and easy-to-operate solution. If you have any questions or need more details, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Work table travel



Work table dimensions

Maximun load capacityKG200450650850
Machine weight


Machine dimensionsmm1480*1010*14001500*1050*16501850*1100*16501950*1300*1650
Maximum cutting thicknessmm400500500500
Maximum cutting tapermm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm
Supply VoltageV50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%
Work table travelmm800*6301000*8001200*10001500*1200
Work table dimensionsmm1160*7801500*10001760*12001960*1500
Maximun load capacityKG1200160020002500
Machine weightKG3200600065007500
Machine dimensionsmm2100*1500*22502500*2100*23003300*3250*25003300*3250*2500
Maximum cutting thicknessmm7007008001000
Maximum cutting tapermm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm±3°\80mm
Supply VoltageV50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%50HZ\220\380 ±10%


      Linear Guide:X,Y Linear Guide
      Servo motor
      Multi cut function to reach better accyuacy and surface roughness
      Thickness up to 1000mm




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